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How to make poultry feed containing grease with hot sale 1-10t/h animal feed pelletizer machine?

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1.The Importance Of Grease To Poultry Animal Feed Pellets

The 1-10t/h poultry animal feed pelleting machine is a important machinery to make animal feed pellets in 1-10 ton per hour poultry feed production line, this article will introduce the importance of grease to poultryl feed pellets,and how to buy 1-10 ton per hour pellet mill for animal feed.

No one doubts the importance of grease for the nutritional value of poultry feed pellets, which has always been a very common feed ingredient used in poultry feed. However, due to the large differences in the composition of fats and oils, this is a challenge to reasonable use grease to increase economic efficiency, improve animal economic performance and meat quality.

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2.The Price Of Grease

If you can control the fluctuations of the poultryl feed raw material prices in your animal feed pellets industry, you can become the winner.About 20% of soybean, rapeseed and palm oil products have entered the biodiesel industry all over the world. And the government has curbed demand for biodiesel in order to alleviate pressure from vegetable oil prices.

In the past few years, the increase in production has mainly come from rapeseed oil and palm oil, and the production levels of other oils have remained relatively stable. From a global perspective, the growth in demand for oil will become slow, but short-term volatility will still exist.

3.Quality Of Grease For Poultry Feed Pellets

The source of grease used in poultry feed pellet is very broad, and a better understanding and proper evaluation of the quality of the oil (nutrition value and degree of oxidation) becomes critical. There are differences in nutritional value and degree of oxidation between different oil samples. There is a large difference between the true apparent metabolic energy of the oil and the theoretical value. Which makes the actual and theoretical energy levels of the feed differ by 50 Kcal/kg.

Similarly, there is a difference in the degree of oxidation between different greases. Oxidation of grease has an effect on the daily gain, feed intake, and feed conversion rate of animals. Antioxidants have been shown to effectively delay the oxidation of fats and ensure the quality of grease storage. We need to develop quality parameters for feed grease and monitor the nutritional value and degree of oxidation of the grease.

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4.Effects Of Different Grease

Different greases have different effects on animal fat digestion and absorption. The degree of saturation of fats, the content of free fatty acids, the length of fatty acid chains, pollutants, and the location of fatty acids in the triglyceride will affect the nutritional value of the grease. And the growth stage of the same animal will also affect the nutritional value of the grease. Many other nutritional parameters also affect the digestion and absorption of greases, such as the level of calcium in the poultry feed pellets.

5.Important Tools And Nutrient Regulators

In order to increase the digestibility of fat, we need to evaluate whether a nutrient regulator can play a role in the whole process of fat digestion and absorption. Including the emulsification of oils, the hydrolysis of oils, and the formation and absorption of chylomicrons.

Only hemolyzed soybean phospholipids can significantly enhance the entire digestion and absorption process (emulsification, hydrolysis, and absorption) of grease. Only taken into account the changes in the diet, the source of the fat in the feed formulation, the different feeding conditions, and the different growth stages of the animal. It is possible to significantly increase the digestion of crude fat and increase the apparent metabolic energy of the diet.

6.Animal Feed Pellets Quality And Meat Quality

Consumers have very high requirements for the freshness, taste, and quality of poultry. As consumers become more demanding and the market has moved from a fresh meat market to a convenience food market, these already prepared foods are becoming more and more important. As a result, the expected shelf life of meat has also changed.

In any case, quality control begins with the poultry feed pellets, and the feed given the "nutrition" to the animal will ultimately significantly affect the meat quality of the poultry. The TBA value of the oxidative parameter in the thoracic muscle of the oxidized fat broiler was 30-50% higher than that of the fresh fat poultry. At the same time, the drip loss of poultry meat fed with oxidized fat and the oxidation parameter during storage were 30-50% higher than those of the positive oil group.

The grease has always been a very important ingredient in poultryl feed pellets. Whether the needed or importance of the nutritious. If we are familiar with affect factors of the grease quality and can well control, it can bring great profits to the poultry feed pellets industry.

Choosing a suitable 1-10 ton per hour poultry feed pellet making machine and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of the feed. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the complete 1-10 ton per hour poultry feed pellet manufacturing plant production process. If you can further master the technology of making poultry feed pellets, you can also greatly reduce the cost of materials, thereby increasing profits.

Richi Machinery specializes in the production of 1-10tph capacity ce high quality poultry feed pelletizing machine, good performance fish feed pellet machine, on selling good quallity pellet product line wood pellet machine, and other machinery.

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7.Knowledge Of Buying Good Quality 1-10 Ton Per Hour Animal Feed Pellet Mill With CE

Now there are many people feed animals like pig, sheep, chicken, rabbit, these animals feed are big demand and big thing, some people buy them feed pellets from animal poultry chicken cattle feed pellet production factory, but some choose to make their own feed pellets for their animals.

Then how much do you know when you decide to buy hot selling 1-10tph animal feed pellet mill for poultry livestock rumnant fish? many people who have little experience in making feed pellets, different people have different questions about pellet mill for making animal feed pellets, some customers once consulted us such questions which are maybe you will have:

(1)Are the feed pellets produced small? do you have some clients making pellets using the easy to operate ring die animal feed pelleting machine? I mentioned it is primarily for animals? The pellets produces can be 2–12mm, choosing according to your requirement.

(2)Are there some parts that wear out frequently which I would need to order together with the 1-10t/h ce ring die animal poultry chicken cattle feed pelletizing machine? The main parts are the roller and die, they are can be about 6-8 months on the condition of continuously working.

​The mechanical animal feed processing equipment of Richi machinery sells well in domestic and foreign markets and enjoys a high welcome among consumers. With years of hard work, RICHI has established a complete and effective service system and built an experienced service team. We will carry out an after-sales tracking service for the ce certificate professional design animal poultry cattle feed pellet milling equipment sold.

Hope this article can help you know more about 1-10 ton per hour ce high efficiency good quality animal feed machine, if you want to build your own 1-10 ton per hour animal feed processing plant for poultry cattle feed, please visit our "1-10t/h factory Price cattle feed pellet processing line plant projects".

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