Small fish feed processing plant necessary equipment


Fish feed processing and other animal feed processing process is roughly the same, but according to the characteristics of fish feed need to be put into water, fish feed and other types of animal feed still have certain differences.So, what equipment is necessary for a small fish feed mill to process fish feed?

First of all, the hammer mill is necessary. However, if the customer has higher requirements on the size of fish feed particles, such as to meet the requirements of shrimp feed, it needs to carry out the powder cutting process twice, that is, two feed grinders are required.

Second, according to the characteristics of submerged fish or floating fish, shrimp and customer process requirements, to decide whether to need a puffing machine, dryer.

Third, feed mill.Fish feed particles are very small, generally between 1-12mm, many customers have higher and higher requirements for particles, also have higher requirements for yield, therefore, a high yield pelletizer is necessary.

Fourth, the mixer.In the feed processing line, the raw materials must be mixed according to the feed formula after grinding.

In addition, there are a series of auxiliary equipment such as Cyclone, packing scale, permanent magnetic sleeve and vibrating screen.In general, small fish feed of equipment needed for production is not a lot of, can also according to customer's actual budget for easy configuration and high-end configuration, but RICHI can promise that our products are of good quality and long service life, scientific technological configuration, high production efficiency, feed is very high quality and yield, all fish feed technology for full automatic production line, to ensure the customer's production efficiency greatly.

If you have more questions about the equipment needed by RICHI small fish feed processing plant, please visit more details:

Sinking fish feed line:


Floating fish feed line:


Shrimp feed pellet line


Carb feed pellet line:


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