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In the poultry feed, cattle feed, sheep feed, fish feed, shrimp feed and other feed production process an essential equipment is the feed mill equipment.Animal feed hammer mill equipment is used in the early stage of feed processing, used to crush feed raw materials.Generally speaking, the raw materials of animal feed include soybean, soybean meal, corn, fish meal, amino acid, miscellaneous meal, whey powder, fat, meat and bone meal, grain, feed additive and so on more than 10 varieties.

The crushing of feed raw materials is a very important link in feed processing. By crushing, the large total surface area of raw material particles per unit mass can be increased to increase the solubility of feed nutrients in animal digestive juices and improve the digestibility of animals.At the same time, the small size of pulverized raw materials has a very important impact on the difficulty of subsequent processes (such as granulation, etc.) and the quality of finished products.Moreover, the size of pulverized grain size directly affects the production cost. In the production of powdered compound feed, the power consumption of pulverized process is about 50% ~ 70% of the total power consumption.

The smaller the particle size, the better it is for animal digestion and absorption, and the better it is for feed crushing mechanism particles, but the power consumption will increase correspondingly, and vice versa.

As the main equipment of the feed industry, the feed hammer mill is an important factor for the formation of feed quality, feed remuneration and feed processing cost.Therefore, properly master the crushing technology, choose the appropriate crushing machine is the feed manufacturers production can not ignore the problem.

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