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What does animal feed pellet equipment cover?It not only includes poultry feed pellet equipment, but also includes chicken feed pellet equipment, pig feed pellet equipment, livestock feed pellet equipment, sheep feed pellet equipment and so on.However, in these feed production lines, the equipment used is by many similarities, but according to the specific type of feed different production line configuration.The following is an example.The following figure is a 3-4t /h animal feed production line, in which the conveyor, crusher, mixer, cooler, granulator, elevator, packaging and other equipment are required. Of course, according to the actual output and capital budget of the customer to reduce, increase, and replace with the feed production line configuration to meet the customer's production needs.

For many countries, the purchase of animal feed equipment is very difficult, must be imported.As a manufacturing power - China's feed particle equipment is more and more attention.In China, henan province is a big manufacturing province, because of the increasingly fierce domestic competition in China, we pay more attention to quality, focus on technology research and development, focus on providing customers with worry-free service. As a member of China's feed machinery industry,Richi can provide you with the best quality.

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If you know your output and want to know the specific production line configuration, please browse https://www.cn-pellet.com/solution/feed-production-line/

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Animal Feed Mixing Machine
Animal Feed Mixing Machine Capacity : 2000KG/BATCH
Power : 30KW
Floating Fish Feed Machine
Floating Fish Feed Machine Capacity : 2T/H
Power : 132KW
Animal Feed Hammer Mill
Animal Feed Hammer Mill Capacity : 6-9T/H
Power : 75KW
Pellet Cleaning Sieve
Pellet Cleaning Sieve Capacity : 15-30T/H
Power : 0.75KW
Success Stories
The 1-2T/H Feed Pellet Machine In Madagascar
The 1-2T/H Feed Pellet Machine In Madagascar Country : Madagascar
Capacity: 1-2T/H
1-2T/H Poultry Feed Pellet Line In Cape Verde
1-2T/H Poultry Feed Pellet Line In Cape Verde Country : Cape Verde
Capacity: 1-2T/H
The 10T/H Cattle Feed Pellet Line In South Africa
The 10T/H Cattle Feed Pellet Line In South Africa Country : South Africa
Capacity: 10-12T/H
Two Sets 3-5T/H feed pellet lines in Algeria
Two Sets 3-5T/H feed pellet lines in Algeria Country : Algeria
Capacity: 3-5T/H
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