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How is dust generated in the processing workshop of 5 ton per hour poultry chicken feed mill process

2020-09-12 Back to List

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The dust problem during the production of the 5 ton per hour poultry chicken feed mill processing plant is the focus of safe production and environmental protection in the poultry feed factory. In addition, it is understood that when feed mills produce and process raw materials, different processes will produce different amounts of dust, such as material conveying, mixing, crushing, screening, packaging and other production links. Today, RICHI will let everyone understand what are the dust generation points in the 5t/h automatic complete poultry chicken feed pellet line workshop?

animal feed pellet plant ring die feed pellet production line

1.Dust generation point in the processing workshop of the 5t/h poultry pellet feed production line

(1) At the feeding port

Most of the raw material input of the 5tph computer control feed plant for processing poultry chicken feed is to manually pour the bag material into the feeding port. A large amount of dust is likely to be generated during the feeding process. Therefore, a small vacuum can be set at each feeding port and placed directly in the feeding port. The dust hood of the mouth. In this way, it can be used for feeding dust and also for sucking air for the base of each feeding hoist, so as to realize feeding and dust removal while recycling.

(2) At the poultry feed grinding machine

If the poultry feed grinder is used for mechanical discharge, a pulse dust removal device can be installed at the reverse end of the discharge screw, which has both dust removal and suction functions. Note that the outlet of the auger should be closed during installation to prevent air leakage. The inlet of the pulverizer can have a secondary entry to ensure that the pulverizer has enough air flow to pass through the pulverizing chamber when pulverizing in different holes. It also solves the clogging problem of the closed air device and improves the reliability of the system. This method is also suitable for the modification project of the current poultry feeding plant's process of the suction system of the auxiliary material of the bad chicken feed crusher.

Poultry Chicken complete feed pellet line 10T per hour

(3) Where to add small materials

Small materials need to be added separately in the poultry feed mixing machine because of the small amount. Due to the fine particle size of this part of the material, although the amount is small, it is easy to cause dust to fly. For small feed factories, you can set up a dust removal point; for large and medium-sized poultry chicken feed mills, you can set up a vacuum system or a central dust collection system. This can not only avoid cross-contamination in the combined wind net, but also can directly return the sucked powder method to the mixer, preventing the loss of small materials, thereby effectively ensuring the quality of the feed.

(4) At the warehouse group

The various silos of large and medium-sized feed factories are relatively high, and the dust will fly when the materials enter the silos, and negative pressure facilities should be set up to deal with them. For a group of combined silos, it is impossible for each silo to have dust collection products. The selection of the dust collection point should be based on the location, but the upper part of each silo should be connected. The dust collection point is set up to collect the dust rising from each bin through the upper space. The general method is to set one point in the smashing bin, two points in the batching bin, one point in the pelletizing bin, and one point in the finished product bin. They are combined into their respective dust removal air nets. The suction volume can be based on the size of the bin to determine and configure a suitable vacuum cleaning system.

(5) At the bucket elevator

In the machine knots below 10,000 tons, suction is generally carried out at the nose, that is, the unloading place to prevent dust from flying. For large and tall hoists, the feeding and unloading places should be sucked in at the same time, and combined with the combined wind net to reduce the length of the wind net and reduce the resistance along the way. The specific design can be handled separately, that is, the suction of the machine head can be combined in the centralized net, and the suction of the machine base can enter the adjacent dividing device.

turn-key poultry cattle feed pellet plant for sale

(6) Other places:

In the raw material cleaning, pellet cooler and finished product packaging, the suction point should also be designed according to the needs and incorporated into the combined wind network.

We know that the dust itself is non-toxic, but it mixes with the air to a certain extent, and it will cause a dust explosion when exposed to an open flame. People who are in an environment containing a lot of dust for a long time will seriously affect their health. Dust falling on the equipment will affect the operation, and also cause the malfunction of electrical equipment and cause accidents. 

Therefore, effective measures must be taken in the 5 ton poultry chicken feed manufacturing plant to control dust. The main work of the control includes the layout and design of the dust removal air network system, the selection of vacuum cleaning equipment, and daily equipment management.

2.5 ton per hour poultry animal feed processing plant equipment configuration

55kw poultry chicken hammer mill machine, 55kw chicken feed pellet making machine, 11kw single roller double paddle poultry feed mixer, counter-flow feed pellet cooler, pellet crumbler machine, box cylinder pulse dust remover, vibrating screen classifier, packing machine, etc.

3.5 tons per hour poultry feed plant price

Regarding the animal poultry feed plant production line 5 ton, there are many equipment configurations to choose from, depending on your raw materials, the type of feed that needs to be produced (for example, the formulas of the feed mill factory's layer feed and broiler feed are different) plant area, etc. Factors determine. Some customers only need to produce powder, then only need pulverizer and mixer, if produce pellet feed, then also need pellet machine and other equipment. Generally speaking, the price of a 5 ton per hour poultry chicken feed pellet making plant is between 50,000-300,000 US dollars.

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