Advantages of feed pellet mill and the risks of the user


China is agricultural country, has rich straw resources, variety, quantity is big, good quality and convenient collection, implement use, is the trend of the future, and after the transformation of straw particles to solve the rising cost of animal feed and fuel energy shortage, basically provide a solid backing. But to really play good straw grain production and use this deck of cards, there are a lot of work to do. Because of the industry users know, straw pellet mill production has a certain risk.

First, large investment. Straw light density, bonding strength is poor, the pellet formation, lower productivity, more complete straw particles required equipment, and is mostly new equipment, so the investment a lot;

Second, the raw material to collect high transport costs. It is light weight, is conditioned by acquisition of radius is serious, once the distance, can appear gratis also dare not to pull the results;

Third, the fire risk. Straw storage water easy to spontaneous combustion, moisture small vulnerable to external fire threat;

Fourth, difficult to dry straw, concentration problems and contradictions. Whether straw particles or straw briquette, the moisture of has a fixed value, not dry hard to suppress, drying, and increase many cost, the problem in the northeast are more acute and prominent. Well-known reason, northeast China in winter time is long, raw materials under low temperature condition is very difficult to achieve ideal moisture.

Fifth, seasonal raw materials is too strong, can buy time short, storage of pressure;

Sixth, straw low calorific value, market awareness is not high.

Feed pellet mill is the main tool, straw into use is the ultimate enforcer of pellet fuel pellet feed molding. Richi as the first domestic pellet machine production enterprise, has accumulated rich experience and professional knowledge, let RICHi feed pellet mill have the advantage of a single day too thick. But the advantage is not equal to the market, the real pellet mill market application affected by various constraints and the user to select and use a lot of risks.

Henan Richi Machinery CO.,LTD was founded in 1995, is an integrated solution provider of plants, equipment and service, headquartered in Zhengzhou,Henan province,China. After almost 20 years' development,Richi has grown into a global technology partner for plant,equipment and services in feed manufacturing, storage,environment protection,biomass processing,steel structure,steel structure construction and industrial automation.

Our company has passed the ISO 9001 2008 Quality management system certification. including 200 technicians and engineers. Backed by its strong R&D,Richi has developed more than 50 series of quality feed and biomass wood pellet processing machines, we are capable of delivering all types of turnkey project including feed producing production line and biomass wood pellet lines.

Up to 2015, we has successful completed more than 700 projects in the world. received widely praise from customers. Technology and quality is crucial for a enterprise, relying on strong scientific strength, advanced producing tools, hardworking and virtuous richi people are painting a beautiful blueprint.

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