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Richi Machinery Guide to 2019-nCoV Prevention

2020-02-28 Back to List

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This Prevention and Control Guide is specially formulated to prevent and control the pneumonia epidemic associated with the novel coronavirus and ensure the health and life safety of all employees. Richi shall implement the measures according to the instructions from respective local government as well as the actual situation.

1.Epidemic Prevention before Resumption of Work

1.1Basic Principles

Those returning from major epidemic areas must follow quarantine observations for 14 days before resuming work.

The employees who return from the epidemic-serious areas shall follow the request of collective quarantine observation of 14 days. Those who will not develop the phenomena of affection can resume work after the quarantine period, per the request of Wuxi government.

Employees with fever and coughings are not allowed to resume work.

1.2Stock of the Protective Facilities and Materials

a.medical-use face masks (a stock enough for 5 days for all employees)

b.84 disinfectant

c.Hand sanitizer

d.Alcohol cotton ball

e.Infrared thermometer

f.Disinfection sprayer

g.NBR medical gloves

h.Covered medical waste bin

i.Other essential items

1.3Tracking of Employees' Travel and Status

a.Collect and classify the information of employees

b.Make a list of employees who have been taken quarantine observations or confirmed infected

c.Track the conditions of the employees on the list until they return to work safely.

2.Epidemic Prevention after Resumption of Work

2.1All Bühler companies shall establish respective special emergency response team to coordinate its work on the 2019-nCoV prevention and control, and compose the action plan. All responsibilities shall be assigned.

2.2All employees, external personnel and visitors must go through infrared temperature measurements before entry into the company. The entrance guard shall record the aforementioned body temperature. Those whose body temperature exceeds 37.2 degrees Celsius are forbidden to enter and the case should be reported to the company and those in charge. External personnel must wear a face mask

2.3Ensure the registration of external personnels, including their names, phone numbers and whether they have been to Hubei Province recently

2.4Employees who take the company shuttle buses to and back from work must wear protective face masks. Their body temperature shall be measured and recorded before getting on the bus. Employees shall wash hands with hand sanitizer in time after getting off the buses. Ensure the immediate disinfection and replacement of chair cushion covers after use, which will be checked by special personnel. The security guard will measure and record the temperature of employees who commute on their own. Employees with fever are prohibited from entering the company

2.5Before resuming work, the general affairs department of each company should arrange the disinfection of all areas and then a regular disinfection every three days. The key areas, including locker rooms, bathrooms, offices, meeting rooms, office equipment, door handles and elevator buttons, garbage dumps, and smoking spots, shall be disinfected once every morning and once in the evening. Ensure the air inlet disinfection and filtration of central air conditioning according to the technical manual

2.6The hand sanitizer or alcohol cotton ball shall be provided in bathrooms, canteens and other important places. Employees are required to wash their hands or wipe hands with alcohol cotton balls before having meals and after using the bathroom

2.7Shall collect statistics on the inventory of protective facilities, calculate the recent usage, purchase new items in advance and make a reasonable stock

2.8Employees in a non-human contact environment should wear face masks. Masks and other protective articles must be worn by employees with frequent human-to-human contact and those working in crowded closed places (such as control rooms). No spitting casually. Protective masks and other wastes as well as nasal and oral secretions should be wrapped with tissue paper and put into a specially covered medical waste bin designated by the company

2.9Open windows for ventilation in the workshops, meeting rooms, offices and other crowded places of each company (central air-conditioning excluded) at least twice in the morning and afternoon respectively for 30 minutes each time

2.10Temporarily cancel or control the number of people participating in gatherings and large-scale conferences, and minimize or stop business travel and parties. If necessary, these activities must be submitted to the management for approval.

2.11Do not believe or spread rumors. It is strictly forbidden to use social media to spread misinformation and create panic.

Note: This Guide is subject to the development of epidemic situation and the update of the government instructions.

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