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Notice of Business Resumption

2020-02-26 Back to List

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When we look back to last year, Richi business was not easy as it used to be and that it was effected by various negative impacts. Despite this, Richi generated a sound business result in 2019. And therefore, I would like to thank all of you for your hard work and for everything you have achieved despite all of these challenges.

Unfortunately, the New Year also started with a severe challenge.The outbreak of the coronavirus affected China and the whole world. At the beginning of the outbreak,Richi established targeted guidelines, and have implemented actions and special measures to safeguard the health of all of our employees. We are also in permanent contact with relevant authorities and our partners, customers, suppliers, and we will keep you informed at all times. In case of any questions,please get in touch with us.

Despite of the critical situation and unexpected outcomes, our teams have reacted really well and have done a great job in relentlessly fighting this crisis. We stated prepare everything since February.Now Richi company has got the approval from the government authorities, and has been resumed norma operation . I think it is very important that we try hard to get our operations up and running, and to serve our customers also during these difficult times.

We are Richi.We are all one company.I want to assure all of employees of my full commitment in doing everything we can do to support our colleagues in this challenging time.

Be safe. All the very best.

Chief Executive Officer

Angela Zhao

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