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Focuses On More Healthy and Quality Animal Feed For Pets

2020-10-07 Back to List

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small pet food pellet production making line

1.The types of pet feed that Richi feed equipment can produce

(1)Dry pet food

As the name suggests, it is a dry staple food. The granular dog food and cat food that we often talk about and see in normal times mainly refer to it. This kind of dry food is made by mixing many nutrient materials according to the nutritional needs of pets, and then pulverizing, puffing or extruding, and then drying, flavoring, cooling, foreign body detection and packaging, etc. , The moisture content is generally below 12%. China's national standard "GB/T 31216-2014 Full Price Pet Food Dog Food" stipulates that "pet food with a moisture content of less than 14% is called dry pet food."

Dry pet food is more and more accepted and sought after because of its comprehensive and balanced nutrition, long shelf life, and convenient feeding and carrying. There are many advantages of dry food. First of all, dry food is designed by a professional pet nutritionist according to the pet dog’s own physiological and nutritional needs. It contains essential protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. for pets. It is highly targeted and scientific in nutrition. , The advantages of balance, and any kind of dry food contains nutrients for pet dogs to improve immunity, which can greatly improve the pet’s disease resistance, make them less likely to get sick, and extend the life of the pet. In addition, dry food has low moisture content , Easy to store, not easy to spoil the advantages, can ensure the safety of pets' food, avoid various diseases caused by pets eating expired, moldy, and spoiled foods. At the same time, the dry food packaging specifications are diverse, simple to use, easy to carry, and can Meet the advantages of allowing pets to eat the best food in different environments.

(2)Bird food

From ancient times to the present, raising birds has been a unique hobby of the Easterners. Nowadays, people's lives are getting richer, and their pursuit of life is no longer limited to material things, but puts personal spiritual life first. Therefore, many bird-raising families have emerged. The bird watching collection has the functions of watching, admiring, calling, and having fun for human beings to relax the body and mind and entertain feelings. Pet birds are birds with a high IQ that can interact with people. Raising pet birds requires a larger activity space. They will communicate with their owners in their own way. Pet birds have become a fashion, which has fully promoted the development of bird food.

They are generally small ones like thrushes, sparrows, and budgerigars. They eat relatively simple food, such as millet, cornmeal, dried insects, etc. Medium and large parrots need nutritious compound feed, which is similar in shape to dog food and is made of various grains. It can be used as feed for grain-eating birds and omnivorous pet birds, which can meet the nutritional needs of pet birds and is convenient for feeding.

(3)Ornamental fish feed

Ornamental fish refers to fish with bright colors or peculiar shapes with ornamental value. They are distributed all over the world with no fewer than thousands of species. Some live in fresh water, some live in sea water, some are from temperate regions, and some are from tropical regions. Some are famous for their colorful colors, some are amazed by their weird shapes, and some are famous for being rare and expensive. In the world ornamental fish market, it usually consists of three major strains: temperate freshwater ornamental fish, tropical freshwater ornamental fish and tropical seawater ornamental fish.

According to the preference of fish feeding habits, ichthyologists divide fish into three categories: herbivorous fish, carnivorous fish and omnivorous fish. However, at some special moments, the diet of ornamental fish is not static. It is a full-price pelleted fish food that is industrially produced according to different fish species, diets, and nutritional needs at different stages. Ornamental fish food generally has hard pellet feed and extruded pellet feed (sinking fish feed, floating fish feed and slow sinking). Compared with natural bait, full price compound feed has many advantages:

① It can be adjusted at any time according to the different nutritional needs of different stages of ornamental fish growth and development, which can meet the nutritional needs of ornamental fish at different stages.

②The source is relatively stable, and it can be supplied continuously throughout the year. Natural bait is restricted by the season, and it eliminates the pain of using a lot of manpower to catch fish and insects and reduces the cost.

③According to the change of seasons, a certain amount of medicine can be added to prevent and control some common fish diseases and improve the survival rate of juvenile fish.

④After a certain high temperature treatment, some bacteria and pathogens can be killed.

⑤ Some biological pigments can be added artificially in the feed to deepen the pigment of the fish body and enhance the ornamental value of the fish body.

As a necessity for keeping pets, the pet feed industry has also ushered in rapid development. Especially with the increasing importance of breeders on pets, the prosperity of the pet feed industry has become the general trend.

Since the establishment in 1995,Richi Machinery has grown from a feed pellet making machine manufacturer engaged in complete turnkey animal feed pellet processing line to a leader in animal food technology market, providing customers with customized equipment and complete solutions. From a basic fine grinding section of pet food raw materials, pet food factory function division to complex customized project system, Richi Machinery professional team is always ready to support you in your ultra-high requirements of pet food production with state-of-the-art software and hardware.

pet animal feed pellet mill

2.Stable and reliable pet food equipment

Double-screw extruder for pet food

Innovative patented kneading structure, 0.5mm screw processing clearance, and advanced hole layout technology ensure stable operation and uniform pellets to meet the requirements of high standards of formula. Imported gearbox with service life over 50000h and automatic intelligent control system are equipped to improve the efficiency of production and management.

Double-shaft mixer for pet food

Double-gearbox design ensures smooth transmission and reduce power loss. Unique return air system realizes smooth air flow in the process of feeding. Many kinds of liquid and solid can be added at any time, with more accurate spraying, higher mixing speed and better evenness.

New type hammer mill for pet food

The multi-cavity patented structure and the core assembly optimization design ensure smooth material distribution and effectively reduce the circulation phenomenon during grinding. The hardness and layout of hammers are optimized to increase the impact frequency, and to further improve the grinding fineness. The hammer pin can realize free switching between coarse and fine feed production.

●Blade type vacuum coating system for pet food

Special shaft-end seal and reliable vacuum airtight performance. Multi-path sprayers make good atomization effect. Stainless steel is used for parts exposed to raw materials, to ensure the stability of pellets. More accurate and smooth coating effect. The adding amount of liquid can greatly increase. The unique rotor and discharge door design reduce the crumbling rate of pellets.

●Circumfluent dryer for pet food

Fully meeting the hygienic standards of pet food processing in Europe and America with quality drying performance. Equipped with PC + touch screen automatic intelligent control. Each layer of conveying belt has an automatic cleaning device. The temperature of each zone is controlled independently to meet the drying requirements of different formulas.

small feed plant animal food manufacturing equipment

3.A new generation of pet food technology

Richi Machinery has been committed to providing professional pet food technology and equipment, to efficiently and precisely meet the diverse formula needs of customers and help them enhance the competitiveness of products.

Richi Machinery focuses on technological innovation and development and is committed to bringing tangible benefits to customers and other stakeholders, leading the technological development trend, and promoting the sustainable development of the whole pet food processing industry.

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