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How Are Wood Pellets Made? RICHI Wood Pellet Mill Manufacturer

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So Would You Want To Make Wood Pellets?

How Are Wood Pellets Made?

Domestic heating burners are becoming more and more popular; the burning demand of industrial power plants; global environmental protection awareness is becoming stronger and stronger; these reasons have led to more and more attention to clean energy, so the production of biomass pellets and wood pellets is increasing. With the rise of new large-capacity wood pellets production factories, the production of wood pellets around the world seems to be gaining popularity.

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The Wood Pellet Production Process:

Typically, any raw material will require some form of processing prior to being pelletized.

This can range from debarking if using whole logs (round wood) to shredding or grinding of pallets, ag products, or MSW. Once the product is shredded or ground, it could require further processing through a hammer mill, depending on how it was received. If the raw material is wet (over 15%), it will need to be dried. After sizing and drying if needed, the product is now ready to be pelletized. Pellets can be made in a wide range of diameters and bulk densities, which is typically determined by the end use of the pellet.

The die specifications can be changed, allowing for multiple sizes to be produced from the same mill. In most cases pellets will exit the wood pellet mill hot (100-170 degrees) and must be cooled. This is done with a pellet cooler by pulling ambient air through the pellets. Once the pellet is cooled to ambient temperature, the pellets are screened to remove any fines that may have been created during the process. The pellets are now ready to be packaged, stored, or sold in bulk.

Starting up a wood pellet plant – Some Things To Consider

When developing a wood pellet plant business plan the following things should be considered top priorities.

Wood Pellet Mill Sizing

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Wood pellet mills have a wide range of sizes and powers. When determining the required size of the wood pellet mill, the required size is usually related to the required throughput and the pelletizing characteristics of the product to be granulated. For example, in the production of wood pellets, our wood pellet mill models range from MZLH320 to MZLH858, the production volume ranges from 300kg/h to 5t/h, and the corresponding power ranges from 30kw to 300kw.

Historically, when sizing the wood pellet machine, it is best to submit raw material samples and required throughput requirements to the manufacturer. They should be able to bring you particles that can meet your desired bulk density, and recommend a suitable mill and power to complete the required production volume.

Complete Wood Pellet Plant Overview

complete wood pellet plant

We can customize wood pellet production lines according to customer needs, different raw materials, production volume, addition and subtraction production equipment. 

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