How to Choose A Chicken Feed Pellet Mill?


Chicken feed pellet mill,is a machine used to process chicken feed pellets. This equipment is necessary whenever you want to process granules. In many simple chicken feed pellet line, if the customer's raw material is originally powder, in order to save costs, the customer only needs to configure a pelletizer, as for the cooling and other sections using natural cooling, no need to configure baler. Of course, in general, most customers still purchase relatively complete chicken feed making plant, because the chicken feed line save a lot of labor costs, otherwise the labor costs are higher, and the efficiency is lower. In general, a chicken feed pellet making machine is the most necessary for granulation. Today I will tell you how to choose a chicken pellet making machine.

chicken feed pellet making machine

1.Before buying the chicken feed pellet mill, you have to know very well of your purpose. If you are the one who use it, then you need to have a good knowledge of your raw materials. Different from other machinery, pellet mill is not almighty, which means that a pellet mill cannot process all the materials. Different pellet mills are for processing different materials, for example, feed pellet mill and sawdust pellet mill are different, and pellet mills for processing plastic and graphite are also different. Even if the chicken poultry feed mills are all for processing pellet, they have different moulds and compression ratio because of different raw materials that contain different elements. Even the raw materials are the same, the moulds of pellet mills also vary greatly because of different moisture content and final pellets' diameter. Besides, even as the raw materials, the moisture content, the diameter of pellets are the same, the moulds of pellet mills vary according to the shape and density of pellets. In addition, pellets' usage also affects your choice. If you are a seller of pellets, you certainly demand pellets have good shape and smooth surface. If your pellets are for your own usage, you don't need to worry about pellets’ appearance. Therefore, as terminal clients, you should know the character, moisture content, diameter, and usage of the pellets made by yourself, for these are the basic factors to choose a chicken poultry feed mill. If you’re not sure about these, you can contact our salesmen, and we will offer you the most professional help.

2.Then, make your demand for pellets output capacity clear. The capacity is mainly related with the machine's size. Larger capacity needs bigger size and higher power. Except machine's size, you also need to consider your power condition and using place. If the machine is used in the fixed area that has power, electric motor pellet mill is suggested.No matter which kind of pellet mill is used, you should consider whether the dynamic configuration can satisfy the use requirement of the machine. For instance, if electric motor pellet mill is used, can the machine use three-phrase electric? Can the wire bear the machine's maximum power? Is the electrical condition safe?

3.As a terminal user, the most important thing before buying a chicken pellet machine is analyzing economic benefit. Whether making chicken feed pellets, biomass pellets, or other pellets, economic benefit analysis is necessary, or if the wrong choice is made, lose will happen is later use. Calculating the benefit of making pellets mainly depends on pellets’ selling price, production cost, packaging and transporting cost. If the selling amount is higher than the investment, the right pellet mill has been chosen. If not, it proves that you have chosen the wrong one. The investment is related to the cost of power, labor, raw material and moulds.

The above are some suggestions that I think are most useful for everyone to buy machine for chicken feed at the beginning. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Richi Machinery for consultation.Email: enquiry@cn-pellet.com,Whatsapp/Cel: +86 185 7410 3366

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