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Palm Shell pellet machine line for sale

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Why palm fiber EFB are made into pellets? Can't we just throw the EFB biomass into the EFB boilers or EFB power plant directly?

Palm kernel cake(PKC) pellet machine

1.The reason of converting EFBs into pellets are as follow:

(1)Generally, the energy content of EFB biomass will be increased after being converted into pellets.

(2)Densified EFB pellet fuel enjoying a calorific value between 4,200 – 4,900 kg cal/kg 28 can be used to substituted coals to ease energy pressure and environment pressure.

(3)EFB palm shell pellets is sustainable and renewable and can be produced in large scales which also can be friendly to environment.

(4)EFB pellets are densified and clean and can be easily transported and stored. EFB pellets generate little smoke while burning.

2.EFB pellet production

Various of EFB pellets can be made based on the different requirements of the consumers. On investing EFB biomass pellet production, the following suggestions from successful EFB pellet plant investors should be considered:

(1)Overall understanding of EFB pellet production line is necessary.

(2)EFB pellet production procedures should meet the requirement of target markets.

(3)Raw materials should be sufficient and should ensure the continuity of pellet production. (4)Quality of the raw materials should guaranteed. Raw materials with moisture content of 15%, is ideal while when it goes upper than 15%, the raw materials should be dried.

(5)Location of the EFB pellet plant should be convenient for raw materials transportation.

(6)A feasible survey is necessary to be conducted beforehand.

As for a typical palm pellet production, it should consisted of EFBs shredding, drying, grinding, pelletizing, cooling, sieving, dust recycling and packing. The flowchart of the EFB pelletizing procedures are showing in the below picture.

3.Hot sale easy operation palm fiber pellet machine production line

Usually, in an complete palm EFB production line the following equipment are involved:

(1)Electric cabinet( to control equipment in the whole EFB production line)

(2)palm shredder(to get EFB biomass into proper size for dryer)

(3)Dryer machine(to get the moisture content ready for pelletizing)

(4)Hammer mill ( to grind the proper sized and dried materials into power for pelletizing)

(5)Palm fiber pellet machine( to pelletize the prepared materials into pellets)

(6)Cooler machine( to cooler down the newly extruded hot pellets and hard the pellets)

(7)Packing machine( to bag EFB pellets according to requirements).

Palm kernel cake(PKC) pellet machine

4.EFB utilization

Traditionally, EFB are not used efficiently and they are commonly used in the following ways:

(1) EFBs is burned and their ashes is recycled as fertilizers for plantations. Now burning of EFB in large scale is not allowed.

(2)EFB is returned to the fields to be used as mulch, which may reduce GHG emission for it may reduce the need for artificial fertilizers by improving carbon sequestration in the soil and soil organic matters.

(3)Part of EFBs is sent to fill the land and emit methane.

With the limitation of traditional utilization of EFB biomass, huge of EFB biomass energy is wasted. Now with the innovation on EFB converting technology, EFBs biomass can be successfully be converted into pellets fuel used by co-firing system and biomass boilers to produce steam and electricity.

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