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The composition and content of wood sawdust pellet

2020-04-20 Back to List

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Since the determination of the content of wood sawdust pellets is connected with the application of relatively complicated apparatus and is also geographically dependent, it is important to know the content of the wood.

The heat value of fuel wood depends primarily on its moisture content, which is governed by its element composition: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and a some extent sulphur, non-compounds-ashes, as well as moisture content.

Generally, the wood comprises 49 -50% of carbon, 43-44% of oxygen, about 6% of hydrogen, 0.1-0.3% of nitrogen and 0.1-1.0 %of ash, The ash contains calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, small amounts of phosphorus, sulphur and other elements(UGOLEV, 2001).

The content of the wood sawdust pellets determines the quality of the pellets. And the processing variables related the sawdust pellet machines also influence the pellet quality significantly. While according to international standards, the content of sawdust pellets should be as follow:

High quality wood sawdust pellet

High quality wood sawdust pellets are with low moisture content and high heating energy and efficiency. They are easy to be handed, burned, transported and stored. The sawdust pellets are usually used for heating by larger scale power plants, biomass boilers, and centralize steaming boilers and also popular with the household for heating and cooking.

Equipment required for making wood sawdust pellets:

1.Wood Chipper:Cut the raw materials into uniform sheets.

2.wood/Alfalfa/Straw/Husk/Grass Crusher:crushing of lighter materials such as alfalfa, straw, chaff, grass and etc.

3.Box Cylinder Pulse Dust Remover:To ensure raw materials cleaning is an important aspect.

4.Electric control cabinet:Control each equipment of the production line.

5.Vibrating Screen Classifier:Screen for impurities and grades:Vibrating Screen Classifier.

6.Biomass Pellet Mill:Good pellet mill can ensure that produce good pellets.

7.Counter-Flow Feed Pellet Cooler:Cooler bring down the pellets at normal temperature (+4° max).

8.Rotary Dryer:The rotary dryer consists of a large rotating cylindrical tube supported by a steel beam.

9.Automatic Bagging System:Finished storage bin and weighing system for packaging finished feed pellets.

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