Application of biomass straw


In recent years, China has been advocating the comprehensive utilization of crop straws. So what can crop straws be used for?

straw hay pellet machine

1.Application in biomass energy industry

Crop straw is very useful in this industry. Making energy is not as simple as putting straw into a boiler and burning it as fuel. At present, there are three main ways to use energy straws: straw gasification, straw briquetting, and biomass fuel. Biomass fuel is very popular, but the technology is yet to mature. Straw gasification, low cost, easy operation, can be used in court, such as common biogas. Straw pellets is simple and effective, high yield and easy to use.

2.Used in the feed industry

Crop straw is used as feed, which is a common way of use. Many customers in the aquaculture industry choose straw as feed. Straw can be used directly as feed, but the palatability will not be good, and it can also be treated as feed, for example, crushed and pelletized. The treated straw has high maturity and good palatability, and is more suitable for feeding ruminants. In addition, many nutrients will be added in the process of making pellets, and the pellets made are even better. Straw is a low-cost feed ingredient.

3. Application in organic fertilizer

Returning straw to the field to make fertilizer is a good choice. There are five main ways:

(1) Cover directly or return to the field after crushing.

(2) Compost and return the fields.

(3) Livestock pass through the abdomen.

(4) Use chemical agents to quickly compost.

(5) After fermentation, it is used to granulate organic fertilizer granulators to process the finished organic fertilizer.

4.As light industry raw materials

Production of fiberboard as raw materials, production of rayon cotton, production of sugar, xylitol, etc., contains many uses.

5.As a matrix

Cultivate edible fungi and use straw as substrate. Straw is used for substrate culture, and the technology of planting oyster mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and other fungi is quite mature.

The use of crop straws is roughly the same. With the advancement of technology, new uses will be developed. Richi's feed production line and biomass pellet production line can use straw as raw materials. For details, you can directly consult online or email!

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