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How to ferment chicken manure for feed——natural silage fermentation

2020-01-23 Back to List

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Chicken manure is a low-cost and low-energy feed, especially when modern protein feed is expensive and energy feed is cheaper. Using chicken manure to replace part of the protein feed not only supplements energy feed, but also greatly improves the economic benefits of animal husbandry and reduces pollution. Purify the environment. Feeding ruminants with chicken manure has a much higher protein digestibility, because rumen microorganisms can use organic acids (about 35%) in chicken manure as energy, turning crude protein that cannot be used by animals into available Bacterial protein.

chicken manure for feed

The principle and production of this method are the same as the conventional silage method. Chicken manure silage containers can be tanks, ponds or silage towers.

Formula one: first mix 70% chicken manure, 20% forage or straw powder, 10% bran, and mix according to the proportion, the moisture content is about 60% (hold the material to see water traces without dripping), and then put Step into the pool and seal it for 4-6 weeks. After the silage fermentation, chicken manure looks like yellow sauce, yellow-green in color, has lees taste, and can increase palatability. Chicken feces were processed by this method, and no pathogenic bacteria were found after pathological quarantine.

Recipe 2: Mix fresh chicken dung and bran at a ratio of 3: 2 or half with crushed barley grains, control the moisture to about 50% and put it into a silo, seal and ferment, and keep the temperature above 5 ° C. After 20 to 40 days Can be opened for use. This kind of silage is mixed with straw and hay for good palatability.

Recipe 3: Mixing silage with chicken dung: Before using chicken turf to collect chicken dung, weed the turf to a length of about 5 cm. Feed the mixture of chicken turf and chicken dung directly after fermentation. However, it should be noted that the type and amount of bedding used should be suitable for the needs of the cattle.

Recipe 4: Chicken manure silage fermentation method described in Japanese data: Chicken manure (semi-dried chicken manure is better), grass, bean cake, rice bran, and glume (promote fermentation), put into the tank according to the proportion, and cover the mouth , Press on the stone for lactic acid fermentation, and it can be used after 3 ~ 5 weeks. The prepared feed has improved palatability and absorption rate and is suitable for feeding adult chickens, fattening pigs and breeding sows.

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