Preventive measures for safety of feed processing machinery


Although the use of feed processing machinery becomes more and more popular, but due to the flaws in the design of the feed processing machinery, maintenance, improper use, feed raw materials containing solid impurities, especially metals, minerals and other impurities to the use of feed processing machinery pose a security risk. According to the author's understanding of the use of the process of security incidents, to talk about the most common security risks prevention measures.

Flywheel lack safety protective cover, in accidentally or emergency situations with the accident, to staff clothing twisted into the high-speed rotation of the belt, will also fall on the belt body with high-speed operation of the belt thrown to the presence of staff, causing unnecessary damage. The bearing length of the feed inlet is not reasonable Due to the unreasonable length, automatic material transmission machine up raw materials containing metals, especially iron impurities, such as screws, washers, iron and other feed quickly into the grinder. Light is broken sieve, hammer, direct breakdown of the body, the safety of staff caused direct threat. There is no dust cover for the entrance of the small material

Small pot are some of the finer materials, such as mineral additive and vitamin additive, before these raw materials into the mixer is prone to dust is absorbed by human body, a large number of long-term inhalation will cause people chest tightness, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms, serious will affect the physical health. Preventive measures In view of the above situation, in addition to the boot before doing a variety of security checks and personal protection, using the following methods will receive a good effect. With fine texture of the door cover can effectively avoid the injury, extended into the feed inlet bearing plate length to 80 cm to 100 cm, and under bearing plate distance into the discharge port is about 40 cm and a row of magnet can effectively prevent due to iron impurities into the grinder damage and risk. In the feeding port of small material height of about 30 cm to 40 cm and half closed cover plate, so that both can be convenient added a large number of raw materials, such as fish meal, powder, also can to prevent the spread of the dust.

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