500KG/BATCH Animal Poultry Chicken Feed Double-shaft Blade Mixer For Chicken Feed Plant

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In the chicken feed production process of poultry chicken feed mill plant, mixing technology is not only an important link to ensure product quality, but also the key to improve the productivity of the whole poultry chicken feed production line system. But in daily chicken feed manufacutring,chicken feed mill factories tend to encounter:

• Poor mixing effect, extending time still does not work.

• The addition of microelements is not balanced, the breeding effect of feed is poor.

• The maintenance of equipment is too complicated.


corn horizont feed mixer and grinder

In view of the above problems

The R&D team of RICHI mixer has undergone two years of struggling

Officially launched

New generation of upgraded SLHSJ series chicken feed double-shaft blade mixer machine!Higher evenness, more efficient, lower residue, more reliable sealing, more convenient maintenance!

1.Advantages of 500kg/batch horizontal feed mixer for poultry chicken feed

Optimize blade layout

Mixing without dead space, short mixing period

Each batch of materials can be mixed evenly in 60-120 seconds.

Use assembled adjustable and replaceable blade structure

Ensure the clearance between blade structure and cylinder ≤1.5mm

Reduce material residue.

Adjustable sealing structure around discharging door

Effectively prevent material leakage

Improve the reliability of mixer.


Unique discharging door linkage mechanism

Ensure quick discharging door switch

Fast discharging and low residue rate.

industrial Horizontal Poultry feed  Blending Mixer

End face design of air-return system

Increase ventilation area

Ensure smooth air flow during omnidirectional mixing.

Modular combined liquid adding system

Many kinds of liquid can be added simultaneously

Precise spraying and convenient maintenance

Hardened-gear speed reducer drive

Drive the rotor rotate through chain transmission

Stable, reliable and efficient.

Large repair and cleaning doors

Easier interior cleaning of cavity and rotor maintenance


Transparent observing windows are opened on the side

Make it easy to observe discharging

Keep the process under control at any time

Centralized connection box makes the whole cable layout neat and beautiful


animal poultry chicken feed crushing and mixing equipment

2.Application range of double shaft paddle horizontal chicken feed mixing machine

It can be used for materials like chicken feed, broiler feed,layer feed,cattle feed,pig feed,fish feed,premix feed, paint, pharmaceutical, chemical, food additives with different characteristics, proportion, fineness, high humidity, and strong bonding.

3.Parameter of 500kg/batch double shaft chicken feed mixer

Material quality carbon steel Stainless steel carbon steel Stainless steel carbon steel carbon steel
Power 5.5kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 7.5kw 18.5kw 30kw
Mixed weight 250kg/P 250kg/P 500kg/P 500kg/P 1000kg/P 2000kg/P

4.RICHI popular high quality horizontal poultry chicken feed mixers:

(1)SLHY industrial Horizontal Poultry feed Blending Mixer(250KG/BATCH)

(2)SLHJ single-shaft 500kg/batch animal chicekn feed mixing machine for sale(500KG/BATCH)

(3)SLHSJ Animal Chicken Feed Double Shaft Mixer(500KG/BATCH)

(4)SLHJ Stainless Steel Broiler Poultry feed Feed Mixer(1000KG/BATCH)

(5)SLHY chicken fodder mixer machine with ce(1500KG/BATCH)

(6)SLHY Big capacity chicken feed mixer(2000KG/BATCH)

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