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How To Extend 1-2 Ton Per Hour Small Poultry Chicken Feed Pellet Mill Machine Service Life For Chick

2020-09-07 Back to List

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When you have bought a 1-2 ton per hour small poultry chicken pellet mill machine for chicken poultry farm or 1-2t/h small chicken poultry feed production line, what you should pay attention to is how to use it for as long as possible, since this is the best way to cut your chicken feed production line cost to the lowest. As a matter of fact, the most important for lengthening chicken feed pellet making machine's service life is to properly maintain it.

The maintenance of small szlh 250 chicken pellet mill for chicken feed production plant

China supplier poultry farming feed pellet mill

1. Before using it, read the Instruction Manual carefully. This step can help you be familiar with the performance, structure, utilization and maintenance method of the small simple operating manual chicken poultry feed pellet mill machine.

2. Test run before using the 1-2 ton small chicken pellet making machine for chicken farm. Before starting the small poultry feed processing machine, check if all the screws are tight. Then start it for test run to see if its rotating direction is in accordance with identified and if there is abnormal noise.

3. Adjust the clearance between the roller and die of small 1-2tph homemade simple feed pellet machine for food. Make sure their clearance is about 0.2mm to 0.3mm, which means the roller and die do not touch each other.

4. Before using the 1-2t/h animal pellet machine for chicken feed, grind it for several times with some mixed material of feed raw material, fine sand and engine oil with the proportion of 1:2:1 until the die holes are smooth to extrude pellets.

5. Machine halt. In the beginning, stop feeding powder before stop the chicken pellet mill machine 1-2 ton per hour until the material inside the storage bin is finished pelletizing, and add the oily mixture material to the small chicken feed pellet mill making machine mill till it is pressed into the holes. This can prevent blockage in the next time.

6. Pellet mill die maintenance. Under normal chicken feed production, the roller bearing should be cleaned by gasoline or diesel oil once every 30 days and add heat resistant lubrication oil.

7. Pellets length control. The length of chicken feed pellets is controlled by the extension length of the pellet cutter.

8. The maintenance of gear. Replace the gear oil in the new machine the first 6 months. Then maintain it every half year.

To lengthen the life span of small sized farms poultry chicken fodder pellet making machine, good maintenance is like skin care to women. So maintain your 1-2 ton per hour small poultry chicken feed pellet processing machine at the time you have got it to use it for even longer than you expected.

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