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After the epidemic, Richi will help you redefine the feed technology

2020-05-07 Back to List

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feed process machine

At present, the epidemic situation in China has been basically stable, but the situation of the epidemic situation in overseas countries is not optimistic. Why is there such a sharp contrast? In addition to the determination and will of the people to work together to fight against the epidemic, it is also an important reason to do daily protection from the source and block the transmission of viruses.

The contempt for the initial protection is one of the reasons for the severe overseas epidemic situation, such as not wearing a mask, and still gathering on a large scale. After the epidemic, many of our habits in this epidemic will be preserved, such as washing hands frequently, such as wearing masks when necessary. The epidemic also brought new enlightenment to feed enterprises. A good feed process is like effective protection and disinfection measures, blocking the growth of bacteria from the source and completely killing viruses, which is an effective means to protect feed health. After the epidemic, the feed safety issue will begin with redefining the feed process.(Today,we will take pig feed pellet processing as an example)

1. Design——Research from the source and innovate the process technology in an all-round way

Richi Machinery, as a practitioner of green and safe process technology, from the source research, from the process and equipment, how to make the suckling pigs not dilute, more green and safe, from 7 to 11 days old suckling pigs, to eat more than 31 days old 1 kg, a fool who feeds 10 kg longer for big pigs, does not need to eat less and eat more blisters. Not only does the survival rate of suckling pigs reach 99%, but also saves labor costs, the weight gain of suckling pigs is obvious, and it also completely kills African swine fever virus.

View the technology of pig feed processing production line:

2. Manufacturing——strict standards for equipment technology

Richi's equipment products have always insisted on using the best materials. SFSP series pulverizers that can crush all kinds of granular feed raw materials, mixers with unique mature sealing technology, high-end and low-cost high-grade feed pellet granulators, etc. Richi Machinery tailor-made the reassuring project for the feed enterprise, and examines every process detail with the most stringent standards.

(1) Three-dimensional digital factory design, accurate planning, one-step;

(2) The standardized module design of prefabricated parts greatly shortens the installation cycle and improves the project quality;

(3) Real-time ERP monitoring of the whole process of project installation to ensure the progress of the project.

(4) Each part of the production line is based on the production specifications, strict audits, and does not miss any details, truly for the sake of customers.

3. Value——comprehensively create differentiated competitive advantages for customers

The use of Richi Machinery feed technology can not only kill the swine fever virus from the source, but also can improve the survival rate of suckling pigs in the 7-31-day tank by 99%, and reduce the feed-to-meat ratio of piglets by 0.1%.

The pig feed produced through the Richi feed pellet process has a differentiated competitive advantage:

(1) The African swine fever virus can be completely killed from the source, so that the baby pigs can grow up healthily;

(2) It can eliminate the anti-nutritional factors in the raw materials and reduce the urease in soybean meal. The suckling pigs eat dilute and have a high survival rate;

(3) The low-temperature granulation process retains the activity of the functional substances in the raw materials, improves the digestibility of the feed, and realizes the formula value of the dietitian. The produced pig material is fragrant, sweet, crisp, crisp, and has good nutritional properties. Get angry and grow fast;

(4) During the teaching period, the feed intake can be increased, and the total intake can reach 525-700 grams, which can improve the absorption capacity of the digestive tract of suckling pigs. Generally, the weight of suckling pigs increases by 1 kg when teaching, while the weight of large pigs can Increase by 10 kg.

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