The various factors affecting the efficiency of feed pellet machine


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But, due to technology arrangements, technical and operational problems on the pellet machine in a lot of factories , resulting in production is expected to meet the design requirements, the particle surface is not smooth, low hardness, easy to break, higher extraction rates. Mainly affect productivity analysis of the feed pellet machine as follows:

1. Raw materials

Material factors directly affect the effect of the feed pellet machine, high starch content materials susceptible to steam pasting, after quenching, a certain viscosity, is conducive to forming particles. Crude fiber content of the raw material, adding a certain amount of fat, in the granulation can reduce friction between the ring mold and material is conducive to the material through the ring mold, and after the appearance of smooth shaped particles.

2. Feed flow

To make granulating machine without stopping balanced full load to enter into the granulator flow of material to meet the needs of granulation, the feed structure to effectively eliminate caused by caking in intermittent phenomenon.

3. Steam quality

The use of steam granulation can effectively improve the quality of production and improve the granulator. Steam is a source of added moisture conditioning, heat source of feed for starch gelatinization. Add a certain amount of steam in the quenched and tempered can kill the feed in a part of the bacteria, and can dilute feed natural binder, the materials of every particle of external form a layer of thin aquifer, to material gelatinization, facilitate the granulation, so as to improve the quality of pellets. Steam piping design should not only ensure the correct steam pressure and flow, but also effectively prevent the condensed water pipe into the conditioner. Drum should be as close as possible to the granulating machine to improve the quality of steam, because the steam quality is crucial to the granulator, not purity steam will lead to granulation machine blockages or does not meet the requirements of the feed, and prone to a series of failures.

4. Production operation

The correct control the gap between roller and ring die. Roll gap is too small, the die and the pressure roller is easy to wear, and super large noise; gap is too large, then the impact of material extrusion.

5. Ring die

In the process of granulation material can be extruded by the size of pressure and friction force depends on the die mould hole can produce. It has to do with between the material and the die wall friction coefficient, moisture content, the granularity of raw materials, temperature, material plasticity deformation part of buffer time and material compressibility, these characteristics and die hole depth and aperture is closely related.

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