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Analysis of China poultry breeding market

2019-11-18 Back to List

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First, the main push species of poultry growing strength

Compared with the year 2015, 26 February 2016 the general office of the Ministry of Agriculture announced the 2016 agricultural leading varieties and main push technology, varieties of laying hens increased significantly, except Nongda No.3 miniature layers supporting system for Nongda No. 5 miniature layers supporting system, an increase of Dawu Jinfeng layers with a department, Henan powder 1 soil layers supporting system, new Yang Heiyu layers supporting system, broilers increased the Jinling broiler supporting system, duck and goose species did not change.

Two, poultry breeding is in the leading position of animal husbandry

The announcement of the Poultry Breed clear color all cultivated, fully proved that the US poultry breed in self nurturing aspects of progress is obvious, and the breeding of new varieties can occupy the dominant position of the market, which is of poultry farming in China adhere to independent innovation, special breeding work, and in the cultivation of our species in appearance, production performance has its own characteristics, suitable for the characteristics of China's characteristics in different regions, different weather conditions, different culture mode and production level, different consumption habits.

Three, the broad market space of poultry breeding

1, the festival will become an important direction of laying hens

In order to develop the sustainable development of the industry, the development of laying hens is the trend of the future breeding. Because the production performance of the existing layer is close to the limit, the space can be improved is not very big, in this case, improve the efficiency of laying hens is particularly important. Therefore, in quite a long period of time, food festival will be key to laying hens breeding and the main melody, Nongda No.3 and Nongda No. 5 supporting system of the successful cultivation is a typical representative of the grain layer, the two species have become the Ministry of agriculture the main varieties, that its market share and future growth space is very broad.

2, powder shell, white shell, soil layer gradually popular

Eggs and white shell eggs are now more and more popular with consumers, the traditional brown shell eggs in the demand for South market has been declining trend year by year. Especially pink shell egg yolk proportion, thick egg white, delicate taste lubrication, chicken flavor is good, individual size appropriate, for a family of three is a good choice, in recent years, the market share than the steady rise, Beijing powder No. 2 layers supporting system, Dawu Jinfeng layers supporting system is to meet the requirement of the market cultivation. In recent years soil eggs slowly into the consumer's "new favorite", in the market demand for differentiated, more and more enterprises or farmers began development of ground backyard and forest stocking of laying hens, varieties of Henan powder 1 soil layers supporting system, new Yang black feather chicken and other ancillary department just to meet the market demand.

3, innovation is the main theme of Huang Yu broiler breeding

Currently approved by the state of poultry species and the supporting system, the Yellow Feather Broiler accounted for is the largest, farming total also with white feather broiler comparable, in two years ago, white feather broiler industry experience total trough, part of the Yellow Feather Broiler enterprises has shown strong win ability. Although the yellow feather broiler industry live poultry consumption habits by the impact of h7n9 food safety incidents, however, the operating characteristics of the road will continue to go on, breeding work is even more so, for example: cultivating segmentation of yellow feathered broiler new varieties has become the current hot spot of broiler breeding.

4, based on the actual production of waterfowl breeding

Waterfowl are the characteristics of Chinese industry, most of the world's waterfowl are kept in China, consumption in China. Therefore, we in waterfowl breeding and variety cultivation can experience for reference is relatively limited. In meat type breed, Z Beijing duck, Nankou Beijing No. 1 duck has been Ministry of agriculture the main push varieties is pushed to the market "grassland duck supporting system will add a bright scenery for meat type breed market prosperity; in addition, supporting department of Tianfu goslings, small Huoyan goose eyes lines is according to the production of our country actual cultivation to suitable for domestic farming conditions and consumer demand in the market.

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