The characteristics of new type of horizontal ring die feed pellet mill


The old-fashioned horizontal ring die feed pellet mill is suitable for pressing hard to bond, forming difficult material. Such as rice, sunflower seed shell, peanut shell and each melon and fruit, the branches of a tree trunk bark of wood waste, all kinds of crops straw, rubber, cement, ash and various chemical raw materials. Used in the biomass fuel plant, power plant, wood factory, furniture factory, fertilizer plant, chemical plant, etc., is a small investment, quick effect, no risk, the most ideal compression molding equipment.

New horizontal ring die feed pellet mill is to eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit trees and crops straw, bamboo shavings crushing sawdust branny processing of biomass fuel production machinery, effectively solve the faults in biological crude fiber to granulation and the effect is bad, the host drive with high efficiency gear, ring die with quick detachable type hoop, feeding adopts frequency conversion feeding to ensure uniform feeding, the door cover with forced feeding device, using the international advanced manufacturing technology manufacturing process can be tailored to your pellet mill raw materials of high quality mold that allows the lengthening of the life of your equipment, improve the quality of products, tons of consumption cost is reduced.

New type of horizontal ring die feed pellet mill practical characteristics:

1, vertical feed directly in place.

2, static pressure wheel rotation, centrifugal material, cloth around.

3, the abrasive layer two, on dual-use, lowering the efficiency; and dual use, high energy saving.

4, ring mold, vertical structure, conducive to granulation chamber cooling.

5, independent of the feeding device, to ensure that the molding rate of particles.

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