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High-quality Pellet Machines designed using the latest technology for accurate processing

2020-09-27 Back to List

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Richi Machinery holds decades of experience in developing pellet machines that can process biomass wastes and turn them into pellets. Since 2020 RICHI has grown to become a leader in the industry of high-end pellet machines and grinding a large variety of wood and agricultural residues. Our biomass energy pellet mill machines are suitable to process hard and softwoods, straw, grass, Agri, forestry, and municipal waste. Globally we have 1000+ happy customers using RICHI biomass waste pellet making machines.

Designed as per the European standards, RICHI biomass fuel pellet machines stand-out for its durability which is very crucial in this market segments where the load on the equipment can be extreme. Our extensive experience combined with our expert test facilities allows our engineers to accurately calculate whether your biomass can be economically pelleted. Furthermore, we're continuously investigating pelleting of alternate biomass species. With RICHI you have complete control over every step of production, and we offer tailored solutions for the whole process of pelleting, grinding, conditioning, screening and cooling. With strong reliability and easy operation, your RICHI pellet mill is backed by the finest service, and support groups within the industry.

High-quality Pellet Machines designed using the latest technology for accurate processing

1.Convert your wood waste to biomass wood pellet

To convert wood into pellets first, it must be cleaned to remove contaminants. It is then transferred into the dryer. If raw materials have high moisture, then it should be reduced by sun drying or using turbo dryer. Raw material (of the desired size) is transported to hammer mills/ grinders to reduce the particle size of the material. By screw feeder, the raw material is transferred to the pellet machine.

As the largest biomass fuel pellet mill manufacturer in central and western China, RICHI has led the way in developing specialized ring die biomass wood pellet mills and dies to make pelleting both practical and economical while enhancing product value and manageability in the Biomass industries.

Richi Machinery provides durable equipment and solutions for the biomass industry.Our Biomass pelleting equipment converts agro-waste into high-density pellets through a Binder Less Technology, which is environment-friendly and can be used as a replacement of Fossil Fuels like Gas, Diesel, Coal, Lignite, etc.

2.Renewable energy

All human activity viz., domestic, commercial, industrial, healthcare and agriculture generate solid waste. The quantity and nature of the waste vary with the activity and the level of technological development in a country.

The calorific value of raw MSW is around 1000 kcal/kg, while that of fuel pellets is 4000 kcal/kg. On average, about 15–20 tons of fuel pellets are produced after treatment with 100 tons of raw garbage.

Pelletization of municipal solid waste involves the processes of segregating, crushing, mixing high and low heat value organic waste material and solidifying it to produce fuel pellets or briquettes, also referred to as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

Since Pelletization enriches the organic content of the waste through the removal of inorganic materials and moisture, it can be a very effective method for preparing an enriched fuel feed for other thermochemical processes.

Waste management is an essential part of our journey to a circular economy. We provide robust biomass pelleting equipment that allows pellet producers to be reliable suppliers to heat and power generators all over the world. Our process engineers conduct tests in our lab to determine what is the best solution for your business.

3.Some cases of China best price ring die biomass wood pellet machine of Richi Machienry

America high quality wood pellet mill (raw material: wood sawdust)

Canada biomass pellet mill for wood pellet making (raw material: wood waste)

Dutch ce iso wood pellet mill plant for biomass (raw material: birch wood)

Austrian ce agriculture waste biomass wood pellet mill machine (raw material: agriculture waste)

Ukrainian China factory offered pellet machine(raw material: agricultural waste)

Romanian wood pelletizing machine (raw material: acacia sawdust)

Albanian straw wood pellet machine(raw material: alfalfa lucerne grass straw hay)

Slovakia biomass sawdust pellet mill (raw material: sawdust)

Indonesia efb wood pellet mill (raw material: efb)

Mexico MZLH520 ring die sawdust pellet machine (raw material: hard wood)

Trinidad and Tobago new wood pellet mill for rice husk (raw material: corn straw,rice husk)

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