Notices for Purchasing Complete Feed Pellet Processing Machinery


Feed pellet processing machinery and equipment mainly include: crusher, mixer, feed pellet machine, cooler, dryer, conveying equipment, dust control equipment, packing machine, and other equipment.

feed pellet machine

Feed pellet processing machinery is mainly composed of ingredients, mixing, feed pellet machine, transmission and lubrication system. Its working process is to require powder with water content not more than 15%. It enters the feeding winch from the hopper. By adjusting the speed of stepless speed regulating motor, the appropriate material flow is obtained. Then it enters the agitator. It is conditioned by mixing with steam and stirring with the agitator rod. If molasses or grease need to be added, it is also added from the agitator. When steam is tempered together, the amount of oil added is generally not more than 3%, otherwise it is difficult to form. After tempering, the temperature of the powder mixture can reach 64-85 C, and the humidity can reach 14-16%. Then the iron impurities mixed in the powder are removed by the iron absorption device, and * is put into the pressing chamber for granulation. After granulation, the particles are cooled, screened, packed and stacked.

In the research and development of feed pellet processing machinery, the United States and Europe are in the forefront. The automation of feed single equipment and automatic control procedures of complete equipment are higher. As a professional feed pellet equipment manufacturer, we have a professional R&D team with innovative spirit and sense of cooperation. We are good at introducing advanced technology from abroad and carrying out scientific and technological innovation to provide high-quality feed pellet processing machinery complete sets for customers.

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Multi-Pass Convection Belt Dryer
Multi-Pass Convection Belt Dryer Capacity : 3-5T/H
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Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder Capacity : 1-1.2T/H
Power : 75KW
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The 300-400kg/h Floating fish feed line In Cote d’Ivorie Country : Cote d’Ivorie
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The 1-2T/H Animal Feed Pellet Line In Sudan Country : Sudan
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The Fish Feed Extruder In Bolivia Country : Bolivia
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