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The key of influencing the quality of feed pellet is the quenching and tempering

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"The key of influencing the quality of feed pellet is the quenching and tempering." What is quenched and tempered? Quenching and tempering is all materials into mixing machine began to enter the granulator ring cavity between all additions and changes. And feed mill site after the completion, in the fixed molding feed production process, factors influencing pellet feed quality factors in 60%, in fact, before entering the mixing machine is fixed cannot change the, 20% of what we can do the most important change is quenched and tempered, and 20% this is just is raw material to feed to complete a qualitative change conversion process is the most critical step.

1. Three elements of quenched and tempered: water, temperature, time

Time: depending on the type of modulator. The longer the quenching and tempering time, the more contact and mixing time of steam and powder feed, the more the amount of steam added, the more beneficial to the protein denaturation of starch paste and aquatic feed of animal feed. By tuning the modulator of the blade angle to lengthen conditioning time, high grain, livestock and poultry feed conditioning time should be in more than 40 seconds, adjusting the angle of the blades to conditioner motor current control to the rated current without tripping the maximum adjustment angle.

Temperature: we in the design of feed mill, generally first in accordance with 75 kilograms / tons of steam standard to choose boiler and actual pelleting consumption amount of steam can be calculated according to 50 kg / ton. Animal pellet feed Pelleting Temperature between 78-83 degrees Celsius, with the aim of starch gelatinization and kill harmful bacteria, raw materials of corn, wheat and potato starch gelatinization temperature in 170-187 degrees Celsius (below) to with saturated steam, after the valve pressure steam best at about 2.5kg/cm2 to ensure steam system of steam water separator, hydrophobic valve normal, avoid because water vapor enters the modulator caused by wet blocking machine fault. Aquatic pelleted feed pelleting temperature above 90 degrees Celsius to protein denaturation and sterilization, steam pressure can choose 4 kg / cm2 should be carried out.

Water: in the factors affecting the quality of pellet feed, quenching and tempering, the most important, and in the tempering of the influence factors, water absorption than the endothermic more important. Thus, water in the factors affecting the quality of pellet feed is particularly important!

The best moisture is 15-16.5%, the biggest reason is that the moisture content of the raw material is the moisture of the raw material. Most feed mills in every year at least six months time finished pellet feed water are not up to division formula design of water requirements, animal pellet feed water usually at around 11% submerged fish feed lower water content, even at around 9%. Which leads to the lack of material starch gelatinization, feed containing powder increases, serious impact on livestock and poultry feed conversion rate, especially young animal nutrition utilization rate.

Some feed mills use water in the mixing machine to seek solutions, but this part of the increase in water is free water, while the water retention rate is also very poor. Such as in the mixer containing 1% water, the finished product retention rate of only about 0.25%, if we want to raise 1% of refined grain moisture and need to add about 30-40kg per ton of water, this will not only lead to production of granulating machine blocking problem, and there is a great risk to mildew. Therefore, in order to improve the conditioning of water, water in the mixing machine must be in order to ensure the safety of feed as a precondition.

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